Couples Therapy

We believe that love is a choice. Maintaining a healthy marriage and feeling mutual respect, love and trust for each other requires effort and can even be an enormous challenge. It is common for problems to arise in a relationship after the initial romance wears off, or anytime thereafter during times of stress. Any issue can be resolved if both partners are dedicated to each other and to the survival of their relationship. Overcoming past hurts, avoiding new ones and learning and practicing the process of building value and trust in each other is paramount for a healthy, thriving relationship.

We provide a safe atmosphere where couples are encouraged to express their concerns and voice their opinions and, through practice, are able to build their communication skills. Other priorities include working with couples on responding appropriately to conflict in addition to encouraging partners to appreciate the differences each bring to the relationship.

Marriage and relationship issues we address:

  • couples seeking to grow great marriages
  • couples struggling with sexual issues in their marriage
  • couples struggling to keep their marriage alive
  • couples in crisis due to affairs, addictions, separation, etc.
  • couples who have already divorced and want to explore reconciliation

Common issues addressed in marriage counseling:

  • communication issues
  • affair recovery
  • sexual issues and sexual conflict
  • “falling out of love”
  • anger
  • addressing past hurts
  • parenting issues
  • depression, anxiety and other emotional issues in marriage
  • addiction
  • finance/money issues
  • trust and forgiveness

Resources Used

Prepare Enrich Assessment
Fighting for Your Marriage by Markman, Stanley, & Blumberg
The 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work by Gottman