Sex Addictions

We have been working with men and women who have compulsive sexual behaviors. Since then, we have led men’s groups which have taken place from October until May. We use materials by Mark Laaser and Patrick Carnes.

Treating sexual addictions is becoming more common in our society. Sex addicts deal with a wide range of issues.

Shame is the foundation of most sex addictions. In some cases, individuals were abused as children through direct or indirect contact. There are also a growing number of sex addicts who have never experienced abuse. Instead, whether out of boredom, overuse of porn, masturbation, they may develop a problem unrelated to abuse.

Signs of sexual addiction:

  • Is my behavior out of control?
  • Am I building up a tolerance, do I need more and more?
  • Am I acting out to numb or avoid my feelings?
  • Have there been any severe consequences to my behavior?
  • Have I acted without care to my job, marriage, legal, or financial situation?

Common emotions addicts try to numb:

  • anger
  • loneliness
  • anxiety
  • fear

Five components for recovery:

  • accountability
  • physical and medical implications
  • relationship dimension: forgiveness and communication
  • emotional dimension: anger and loneliness
  • spiritual dimension: total surrender to God and self